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EE men’s boots now available

By Alvie Faulkenbery,
EE men’s boots now available - Alvies

Alvies boots are made to feel broken in from the start. Part of that comes from our roomier toe box, which gives your toes some breathing room. So while our men’s boots have traditionally come in a D width, the toe box feels like an E. 

But for those gentlemen blessed with an especially thick foot, that just wasn’t enough. We’ve gotten a lot of requests to make roomier boots. So by popular demand, we now carry EE widths in all our men’s boots. Happy Girth Day, wide-footers! 

Once you get those new wide boots, here’s how to make sure they fit.

How boot and shoe widths work

Unless you’re working with a wider/narrower foot than average, chances are you probably don't even know your foot width. Here’s how width works:

  • Standard boot/shoe width is a B for women and a D for men
  • For each letter you go up in the alphabet from A to E you’re increasing the width 
  • Then there are extra narrow and extra wide sizes where you add letters on — AAAA is extra narrow for women and EEEE is extra wide for men

Of course, this is only for US sizing. UK sizes are a whole other thing we won’t get into right now. I don’t know why — probably something to do with the monarchy or Magna Carta or whatever.

The magic of sizing up or down to get the right width

When you increase or decrease the size of a shoe, you’re not just changing the length — everything changes in order to keep the proportions the same. Because of that, there’s an old trick in the shoe and boot game that can make a width work for you when you can’t find a shoe in your size. 

Find Your Fit

Going up or down half a size gives you around the same as one additional letter’s worth of width. So if you usually wear a 10E but a shoe only comes in D widths, you can try a 10.5D and it’ll often be a great fit. Obviously this has its limitations. If the width is well off your normal you probably won’t be able to make a go of it. For instance, if you normally wear a 10EEE trying a 11.5D is going to leave you with a comically long boot. But if you just need to make up the difference of one width this trick can help.

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