Willie Nelson - A Beautiful Time

Willie Nelson - A Beautiful Time

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Willie Nelson isn’t just from Austin — he is Austin. He’s our patron saint, our poet laureate, our spiritual guru, and our pharmaceutical advisor. So you know when he releases a new vinyl, we have to include it. The album includes some of the finest songwriting and performances we have seen from Willie in years. Here is what our friends at Waterloo Records think about it:

"This album is a delightful reminder of why Willie remains timeless - he is consistently just himself while celebrating the classic country sounds he had a hand in perfecting (although, as humble as is, he would never admit that), and the music of both contemporary and classic artists (Chris Stapleton, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles.) The unmistakable tone and cadence of his voice breathe new life into every song, even 72 albums in. And yes, in subject alone, “With A Little Help From My Friends” might as well be a Willie original. But doggone it, on this record, it really is. On the playful yet bittersweet “I Don’t Go To Funerals,” he assures us, “No, I don’t go to funerals, and I sure won’t be at mine.

Oh, Willie. Your beautiful spirit will live on forever."

- Serenity Autumn

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A Side

I’ll Love You Till The Day I Die 

My Heart Was A Dancer 

Energy Follows Thought 

Dreamin’ Again

 I Don’t Go To Funerals 

A Beautiful Time 

We’re Not Happy (Till You’re Not Happy)

B Side

Dusty Bottles 

Me And My Partner 

Tower Of Song 

Live Every Day 

Don’t Touch Me There 

With A Little Help From My Friends 

Leave With You A Smile

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