Boot Fit & Sizing

The best way to make sure you get a perfect fit is to ask our trusty Fit Sherpa. He figures out what you wear in Alvies boots based on the sizes of other shoes you own.

For a less scientific (and less cool) approach, here are general guidelines: For men's boots, order the size you’d normally wear in other shoes. For women's boots, go half a size down.

We wanted our boots to fit like the weathered, broken-in ones that Alvie, Jr. passed down to his grandson, Alvie IV. So we designed a special boot with a wider toe box. Your Alvies will feel broken in right out of the gate. That’s our Fast Break-In Fit working for you.

Over the first couple days of wear, your boots will start to feel even better as the other parts break in. Your upper will soften and mold around your foot. The insole and leather will flex and take an impression of your foot. And your bottom soles will get scuffed up a bit so you’re not sliding around like an Olympic ice skater. After a few wears, you’ll have the most comfortable boots around.

Keep in mind that the type of leather impacts break-in time, too. Softer leathers like python will feel broken-in immediately, while harder leathers like stingray will take a little longer.

Don't sweat it! We offer free returns and exchanges (including free shipping).

A mullet is business in the front and party in the back. Similarly, Alvies boots are a dress shoe in function and a slipper in fit. They’ll slide at your heel a bit more than other shoes — that’s totally normal. It’s also normal to feel taller, more confident, and more at peace with yourself when wearing them. And of course unlike many shoes, Alvies boots get even more comfortable over time.

Unlike other boots that can take months to break in, Alvies feel broken in from jumpstreet thanks to a wider toe box. Over the first few wears, they’ll start to feel even better as the other parts break in and mold to your foot.

If you’re between sizes and have a wide foot or high instep, we recommend sizing up. If you’re between sizes with an average width and instep, pick the size down from what you normally wear.

You can undergo years of strict training at the hands of maniacal bootmasters. Or you can check out our guide to trying on your boots.

Absolutely. We don’t discriminate against the high-instepped among us. While we don’t make specific boots for a high instep, we recommend ordering up a ½ size.

That’s not a question, but we do offer men's boots in EE for wide-footers.

Flop Fit & Sizing

Just like our boots, we designed our flip-flops to feel broken in right away. They should be comfortable from the first moment you put them on until the tragic day you lose one while floating the river. Happens to the best of us. They do mold to your feet over time, so you may notice that they feel even more comfortable after a few wears.

Our flip-flops run small, so it's always best to order up a size. Nobody ever went wrong having a little more flop.

Not a problem. We offer free returns and exchanges (including free shipping).

Nope, all of our flops are made in whole sizes. If you usually wear a half size, our rule of thumb (or big toe) is to size up.

Flip-flop fit is a preference game. Just put them on and walk around. If they feel good and your foot fits on them, you’re good to go. You should have anywhere from ½” to 2” of flop behind your heel. If your heel is hanging off the end, that’s a deal-breaker — you need a bigger size. “You’re always better having a little too much flop than not enough flop.” — Confucius

Our flip-flops are made with military-grade waterproof leather so they don’t soak up water or stay wet for days like other leather flops. Have you seen the A Team? Our flops are like that. Millennials, ask your parents about the A Team.


The easiest and most technologically advanced way is to order right from this very website. We ship free of charge, and also offer free returns and exchanges.

But the more fun way, if you’re blessed enough to live in or be visiting Austin, Texas, is to buy from us in person at our traveling Airstream. Find us at events all over town.

We accept credit cards (all the greats), along with Visa, Mastercard and Amex gift cards through our super secure online checkout.

We also accept PayPal. If you’re paying with PayPal Express, your order will automatically ship to the address associated with your PayPal account. Email us at Holler@Alvies.com if you have any issues.

Hell. Yes. Our online store is powered by the ecommerce wizards at Shopify, so you can rest assured your payment info and other personal information is safe. Shopify has a Level 1 PCI certification, which means they know how to protect your data.

Just email us at Holler@Alvies.com or call (512) 256-2529 to cancel or change anything about an order you’ve already placed. Our orders go out fast, so let us know about changes as soon as possible.

You should be getting emails to keep you updated on your order. If you haven’t heard anything in a while or have a question, please email us at Holler@Alvies.com.

Nope! You can order without an account. But true Gs know that creating an account lets you track orders, plus we’ll save your shipping info to make it faster to order from us in the future.

Our current official company position is that retail stores are for nerds. Instead, we have a traveling Airstream that goes around to events selling boots and flops.

No, but you won’t believe how often we get that question.

You can’t come to Alvies HQ (aka The Boot Cave) to pick up your order. But when it arrives at your doorstep, you’ll naturally be in person and you’ll need to pick it up. So kind of.

Yes! Give us a call at (512) 256-2529 during business hours (weekdays 9am - 5pm Central).


Shipping is free on orders over $90 in the continental US. That means shipping on boots is always free, and you can get free shipping on two pairs of flops, too. We do charge shipping for other products and for international shipping.

The majority of orders placed before 12pm Central are shipped within 1 business day. Our free shipping comes via FedEx Ground or USPS First Class from Austin, Texas. It should arrive in 3–5 business days. If you need your order sooner, just upgrade to Next Business Day or 2nd Business Day at checkout.

Absolutely. Just choose either FedEx 2nd Business Day or Next Business Day shipping at checkout. Remember: Only our ground option is free for orders over $90.

No, this is unfortunately out of our hands. The big delivery companies no longer guarantee the timeliness of their express deliveries, meaning they won’t issue refunds if they are late. Alvies isn't responsible for any late deliveries and cannot issue refunds for charges associated with delivery times. Just wanted to make sure you knew all the facts!

We ship orders to all 50 US States.

Not at this time. We've had too many bad experiences that are out of our control with customs, couriers, etc.. We don't want either of us to go through that so we just don't do it.

That's a better question for the state of California. They have a whole penal code section about it. Because of that, we are unable to ship any python products to California. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes! If for some crazy reason your Alvies don't work for you, or if you just need to exchange for a different size, you can hit up our Returns & Exchanges page to get started. Just make sure to return within 30 days of purchase.

Absolutely not. When we say free returns and exchanges, we mean FREE.

We'll issue a full refund to the payment method you used for the order as long as you return within 30 days and the product is undamaged.

What a strange question. We only take back undamaged products within 30 days of purchase. We can't take back boots or flops that have been scuffed or scratched. Just like you can't return a brisket taco four days after you've ordered and eaten it, even if the pico was a little spicier than expected. Please try out your boots on carpet before you take them out into the world, as the soles scuff quickly with wear.

If you return your boots and do not return your free gift with the boots, you will be charged the retail price of the product(s) you keep. If you received a BOGO discount on another product and return the boots but not the additional product, you will be charged retail price of the product(s) you keep.


Hell yeah we do. Check out the details here

Boots and flip-flops are the official footwear of Austin. And there’s a reason it’s rated one of the best cities on earth. Austinites get that life has to be balanced. Work and fun. Staying in and going out. Water and whiskey. To us, boots and flops represent that balance that makes life worth living. With a pair of each, you’re good to go for nearly anything.

Our boots are handcrafted by one of the oldest and most respected bootmakers in the world in León, Mexico. León is a city steeped in shoemaking history, where the majority of the best western brands have their boots made. In fact, our boots are handcrafted alongside some brands that sell their boots for 2-3x the price (outrageous!). Many of the well-paid artisans in our ethical factory have been making boots by hand for decades.

It’s our founder’s name, his dad’s name, his dad’s dad’s name, and his dad’s dad’s dad’s name. Since our founder inherited his first boots from his dad’s dad (aka Grandpa Alvie), we decided to name the company after him. Read the whole interesting, well-written story when you have a few minutes.

We don't offer discounts or run sales on Alvies boots. Here's why.

Beautiful Austin, Texas — aka The Live Music Capital of the World, aka Waterloo, aka The ATX, aka City of the Violet Crown, aka Capital City, aka Silicon Hills, aka Bat City, aka River City, aka Probably a Bunch of Other Names We Don’t Even Know About.

The first part of the interview process is to answer this question: You cool? If so, check out our Careers page to see what jobs are open, or get in touch at Holler@Alvies.com to discuss opportunities.

Anytime! Get in touch at Holler@Alvies.com

Yes, please! If you’ve purchased something from us, you should have received an email with instructions on how to write a review. We'd love to hear from you. If not, please email us at Holler@Alvies.com.

You bet. Check out reviews of our products here.

Great question. The Mexican Martini is a legendary drink in Austin. And Alvie himself just so happens to have the perfect recipe.

Alvie's Mexican Martini:

1. One part el Jimador Reposado tequila
2. One part Juarez Blanco tequila 
3. One part Cointreau
4. One part fresh-squeezed lime juice
5. One part simple syrup

Shake vigorously (don't pull anything, though) with ice and serve in a martini glass, up, with two olives. 

We use the highest quality leathers and work with one of the best bootmakers in the industry in León, Mexico — the bootmaking and leather goods capital of the world. All of our boots are designed by an obsessive team at Alvies, and then handcrafted with a ¾ Goodyear welt, which makes your boots more supportive, long lasting, comfortable, durable and water resistant. Most importantly, it means you can resole your Alvies boots for many years to come.

We handcraft our boots with a ¾ Goodyear welt, which makes your boots more supportive, long lasting, comfortable, durable and water resistant. Most importantly, it means you can resole your Alvies boots for many years to come. Our sole is made of 100% leather: outsole, midsole, and insole. A cork filler molds to your foot over time, and a layer of EVA helps make them the most comfortable boot you can wear.

We have two options for men:
• A classic J toe (always in style — the same that Grandpa Alvie wore) with a 1.5” heel
• A ¾” snip toe with a 1.5” heel

Our women’s boots all use a classic J toe with our signature ¾” snipped bottom sole and a 1.5” heel.

We wanted to add an element that let everyone know an Alvies boot on sight, so you don’t have to go bragging to your friends when you buy them. They’ll just know and be suitably impressed without you having to say a word.