Spoon - Transference
Spoon - Transference

Spoon - Transference

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Spoon is a true Austin original, a band you used to be able to catch playing around town at small bars, and now you hear in soundtracks. When we hear a Spoon track in a movie or on a show, it feels like seeing your old high school buddy on the screen — the person you knew so well has now been discovered by the rest of the world. Picking a single Spoon album to launch our collaboration with Waterloo was tough sledding. We were spoiled for choice. But they helped us narrow it down to Transference, and we feel good about that. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“As pure and as lo-fi as a street organ and as modern and as brutalist as a sledgehammer striking steel, ‘Transference’, is the 7th studio album from Austin’s own Spoon. Front man Britt Daniel’s elliptically forthright lines and fuzzed out, melodic howl and growl melds with a pounding, barebones, Jim Eno sonic landscape to create a masterclass in minimalism with all of the groove and soul of a vintage Stax record, and all of the Back to the Futurist hum of a ray gun blasted through a transistor radio.”

— Russell G. Ochoa, Waterloo Records

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A Side

Before Destruction
Is Love Forever?
The Mystery Zone
Who Makes Your Money
Written In Reverse

B Side

I Saw the Light
Trouble Comes Running
Goodnight Laura
Out Go the Lights
Nobody Gets Me But You

Together We Rock

Waterloo Records is an Austin institution. The musical wizards there have been slanging albums and advice since 1982. So when we wanted to highlight some of the music that makes us tap our booted and flip-flopped toes, we of course asked them to help. All the albums highlighted here are curated and sold by Waterloo through the Alvies store.