Jordan Moser - Long Night
Jordan Moser - Long Night

Jordan Moser - Long Night

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One of the things we love about Austin is that it’s a haven for eclectic artists. People who don’t just specialize in music, or painting, or no-holds-barred competitive crocheting — talents that run both broad and deep. Jordan Moser is a classic example: he’s a professional dancer with Austin Ballet, a choreographer and a filmmaker. And as he proves in his first label release, he’s a talented singer-songwriter whose witty, literary lyrics and folk-country sound are reminiscent of greats like John Prine and Guy Clark. Here’s what the folks at Waterloo Records have to say about it:

“This album is for those long nights in the Hill Country sitting by the fire, or the first cup of coffee in the morning. The label debut album from Texas native Jordan Moser brings with it all the possibility of beauty that a Texas breeze breathes in.”

— Cameron Choate, Waterloo Records

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A Side

Down with Me
The Devil
Long Night
The Fool

B Side

Love Is Gonna Test You
Between the Stars
How Long
Road to Trouble

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Waterloo Records is an Austin institution. The musical wizards there have been slanging albums and advice since 1982. So when we wanted to highlight some of the music that makes us tap our booted and flip-flopped toes, we of course asked them to help. All the albums highlighted here are curated and sold by Waterloo through the Alvies store.