Charley Crockett - Music City USA

Charley Crockett - Music City USA

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Everyone at Alvies HQ (aka The Boot Cave) is a fan of Crockett’s. Everything he puts out gets us excited to listen. He's on a hell of a roll with his career, and we absolutely love this album. But you don't have to take our word for it, here's what our friends at Waterloo Records have to say about the album:

"With the arrival of 2021’s Music City USA, 37-year-old Charley Crockett’s workboots have certainly been worn in. The Rio Grande Valley-made singer-songwriter was raised in a trailer park by a single mom; has earned money by picking crops in Pacific Northwest marijuana fields; and has briefly lived, worked, and busked in New Orleans, Dallas, France, Spain, and Morocco. His fascinating story lends to his eclectic yet familiar sound, as he harvests from various icons such as Waylon Jennings (the cover art even evokes a Waylon album), James Hand, and Freddy Fender. His self-described “Gulf and Western” and “‘60s country”-inspired sound is evident in the bluesy soul of lead single “I Need Your Love”; the galloping banjo-scaped rollick of “Round This World”; and the refreshingly biting “Music City USA.” Perhaps the greatest thing about the 16-track double LP is that there is no “act”, but it’s at once cinematic, authentic, and thoughtful - a Texas original."

- Serenity Autumn


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Side A

Honest Fight 

I Need Your Love 

The World Just Broke My Heart 

Are We Lonesome

Side C

Lies And Regret 

I Won't Cry 


Muddy Water

Side B

This Foolish Game 

Round This World 

Music City USA 

Just So You Know

Side D


Only Game In Town 

Hanger On 

Skip A Rope

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