Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Artist Series - Neena Buxani
Women’s Boots

Artist Series - Neena Buxani

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Cowhide Leather
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Alvies x Neena Buxani

Meet Neena, the Picasso of abstracted gemstones, lively flora, and the occasional Indian Sari. A self-taught artist since knee-high, she's on a mission to add a splash of color to the canvas of life – because, let's face it, beige is boring.

Her art is a dynamic mix of flowers, blingy metals, and hues so lively they make your average paint palette look like a grayscale movie. Why? Well, she's painting a world that's as vibrant and bold as her brushstrokes. And we got to see that first-hand in these handpainted, and extremely limited boots. Here is what Neena had to say about her inspiration on the project:

“I created this design to celebrate the beauty of nature. For all time, flowers have brought joy and healing to those who are surrounded by them. I enjoy spreading positivity, so I chose to paint a floral design on these boots to spread feelings of hope and optimism to whomever wears them."

Neena Buxani, Austin, TX

Hand painted. Hand built.

Always a fan of all things hand-made, anything expressing creativity or individuality, and going out of our way to shine a light on those making their own way, we're more than proud (even a little tickled) to present the first-possibly-something-annual Alvies Artist Series. We asked nine of our favorite artists to bring our best-selling boot, The Rainey, to life in their own unique story. We're proud to show-off their work of art, and offer (extremely) limited pairs (some sizes are 1 of 1) for sale, only at

Fast Break-In Fit 

Our boots break in quickly thanks to a wider toe. After just a few days, they’ll feel like an old friend.

Blue heel stripe

Why? It lets everyone know you roll with Alvies. “If there’s no blue stripe, it’s not worth the hype.” — Willy Shakespeare

1-A Toebug 

You’ll only find this beautiful stitching pattern on Alvies boots.

Signature Features

  • Built to last: A ¾ Goodyear welt, full leather toe and leather heel counter give you years and years of wear
  • Made with sole: A comfort insole with cork footbed plus leather midsole and outsole make Alvies boots easy on your feet
  • Zip it: Side zipper for easy on/off (also looks cool)
  • 100% leather: Full cowhide upper (vamp, counter, shaft, and lining)
  • Well heeled: Stacked leather heel, hard EVA middle lining, non-slip rubber bottom
  • Well toed: Classic J toe with a snipped bottom sole
  • Heel to pull strap: 7”
  • Shaft circumference: 12”-13”
  • Heel height: 1.75”

Handmade in León, Mexico

Alvies boots and leather flip-flops are made by one of the oldest and most respected bootmakers in León, the bootmaking capital of the world. History fact: León has been a shoemaking hub since 1645. Many of the bootmaking OGs in our ethical factory have been crafting boots by hand for decades. They use traditional methods and are paid a fair wage for their skills.