How to try on your boots

Once you get your beautiful new boots, here’s how to try them on and make sure they fit like a glove (if you put gloves on your feet).

  1. Slide them on one foot at a time: That’s really the only way to do it according to the laws of physics
  2. Listen for the pop: The first sign of a good fit is that your heel will make a popping sound when you pull on your boot
  3. Try to slide: Your foot should have a little bit of play in the boot, but it shouldn’t feel like it’s sliding around
  4. Stand up with both boots on: Your foot should sit inside snug and comfortably

Boots on? Great. Here’s how to check the fit.

  • Width: Alvies are designed with a wider toe box to feel broken in when you get them. But the width of a boot breaks in the most, so it can feel tighter than other areas to start. It should feel snug but still comfortable.
  • Heel: Heel slipping is completely normal. You shouldn't be able to kick your boots off across the room, but you also shouldn’t feel like your heel doesn’t move at all. It should slip up and down by roughly ¼ to ½ an inch.
  • Your toes: Your toes should fit comfortably in the boot with a little bit of wiggle room. Your heel and the ball of your foot should not be too far up or too far back.

Not a perfect fit? Return or exchange your Alvies for free.