Cowboy Boots For Everyone

Alvies boots give you a unique look and a refreshing confidence. They're comfortable enough to wear all day long, go with just about anything, and are made with quality so they'll last ages. That makes them the perfect boot for new boot wearers, but with a quality that even grizzled boot veterans will appreciate.


Many cowboy boots can take months to break in, and some aren't that comfortable even then. Alvies boots are are designed with our special Fast Break-In Fit. That means they feel better than most boots right out of the box, and after just a few wears, they’ll feel like they’ve been part of your life for years.


A lot of the shoes in your closet are probably made to last 2–3 years. But our founder inherited his first cowboy boots from his grandfather. So we think when you invest in a pair of boots, your investment should outlast you. We design and build our boots to last lifetimes, so you can pass them down to someone you love.


Alvies boots are handmade by traditional boot artisans in León, Mexico — the bootmaking capital of the world. We build in the kind of features you'd usually find on much more expensive boots — the ones that cheap bootmakers usually cut corners on. These features make Alvies boots more comfortable and durable: full leather toes and heel counters, a Goodyear welt so you can have your boots resoled, and a stacked leather heel.

Kicking Back to the Community

When you buy from Alvies, you’re not just doing good for your feet — you’re doing good for others. We send a percentage of each sale to worthy causes through our Alvies Kicks Back program.