Alvies Boot Party Planners

Alvies cowboy boots are built to last a lifetime. That means each pair will have a lifetime of memories and stories that all start with the boot-buying experience. It is a fun and a memorable moment that will last as long as the boots do. That’s where you come in…

Our Party Planners will plan Boot Parties for anyone from boot-lovers to the boot-curious. So, if you are a motivated self-starter who has a passion for people, and a gift for connecting folks and building relationships, then you’ve come to the right place.  

What's a boot party

We provide the best customer experience in all of cowboy boot buying. Alvies will literally drive a van full of boots to a hosted party (like the parties you’ll set up) for a personal boot-fitting, wherever they are. Our Boot Fitters will fit each guest in their favorite size and style and help them find the perfect pair, and answer all of their boot-wearin’ questions with trusted expertise. We will personalize the boots for each guest, and they will walk out in those boots that day. 

We are looking for Party Planners to invite people to have a fun and memorable cowboy boot-buying experience. So, if you are a motivated self-starter who has a passion for people, and a gift for connecting folks and building relationships, then you’ve come to the right place.  


Because it's fun and you can make a lot of money.


Boot Party Planner Mission:

We’re out to change how people feel about cowboy boots, by changing what boots stand for. For starters, they’re ridiculously comfortable, stylish, and timeless, and we want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves in a pair of Alvies boots.

We want to make Alvies’ boot-buying the best shoe-buying experience THAT HAS EVER EXISTED.

Here’s how we can change what boots stand for together:

  1. Put our compadres first no matter what - We’re committed to our customers (aka compadres) over everything else. The guys and gals who wear our name on their feet and trust us for all things comfort and good times. We never want to betray that trust, so we exist to improve their lives, not just our own. We are building a life-long friendship rather than a one-time customer.
  2. Boots for all walks - Everyone belongs in Alvies. Cowboys, city girls, cat people, people with two left feet, outlaws, in-laws, wanderers, weirdos, and dreamers. We make boots for everyone, and we mean it. We’re wide-open-minded and think everyone can be their authentic selves in our boots.
  3. Be a good friend - We’re not trying to be an international conglomerate with fancy boardrooms, legal teams, and unnecessary meetings — we just want to be good people. To treat everyone with respect and humility and share all the things that make life awesome. Remember the golden rule, be the change, and never be an asshole. Tejas means friend, and we mean to live it. So be compadrely to all. Listen more than talk. And help where we can..
  4. Sweat the details - We go above and beyond the expected. We pay attention to the little touches that make something stand the test of time. We’re making boots that are worthy of being handed down, not just worn. Every detail counts at every step of the way.
  5. Leave a better boot-print - Whatever we do, let’s add to the experience, not take away from it. Through listening, conversation, relationships, and ideals, let’s make the world a better place, one foot at a time.


What is a Direct-to-Community Sales Model?

Our Direct To Community Model is based on building Alvies Boot Party by generating customer demand through connecting communities, providing personalized boot fittings service through trained Party Planners and Boot Fitters who sell our products through experiential retail- offering in-person community shopping events (aka Boot Parties).

Our focus on interviewing and hiring a limited number of Party Planners is based on the right fit; training each hire, and providing a consistent experience ensures Party Planners are set up for success and have the opportunity to create the job and lifestyle of their dreams.

With a commitment to building an inspiring professional community and fostering connection and growth, Party Planners are invited to take control of their own local market to build a business in line with the Alvies Brand.

 What does an Alvies Party planner do?

An Alvies Party Planner is a connector of people who want to try our boots. You are responsible for building and maintaining clients and social media marketing for Alvies in your market. A Party Planner is provided with the training and tools necessary to introduce and strengthen the brand presence where they are located. Scheduling Boot Parties, forming local partnerships, and relationship building are the Party Planners' responsibilities, which their business performance relies heavily upon.

Is this a Direct Sales Model?

No. We do not offer a sign-up kit or multi-level marketing program. Our Party Planners are not asked to recruit others to sell. Party Planners are given a territory, sales thresholds, and required training and are compensated based on their personal sales. To be successful, a Party Planner focuses on networking in their community to book Boot Parties, offering our boots and fitting services. Territories are limited, though no franchise fees are required.

Party Planners need to interview and be selected for this program. Territories are based on maintaining a quarterly sales volume.

How do Alvies Party Planners Earn Money?

Party Planners earn a commission based on their personal sales and monthly cash bonuses based on their monthly sales, which are the sole result of their own efforts and boots sold at a Boot Party. 

Are Sales Minimums Required?

Yes, Alvies has monthly and seasonal sales thresholds to ensure each Party Planners' success. Thresholds gradually increase as the Party Planners business grows. Thresholds are attainable and help ensure Party Planners turn a profit quickly. Based on your income goals, you’ll create a personalized plan for your season to ensure you meet or surpass thresholds.

A Party Planner must host parties with a higher minimum of $7,500 in a 3-month period (which is roughly only 8 boots sold a month).

No franchise or territory fees are required.

How do boot party hosts book parties?

 Party Planners can host a party at their home, at a friend's house, in their community, at a bar, and basically, any safe and legal location that the party wants to get together. You will partner with community groups and businesses to host Boot Parties, and our Boot Party team will bring the boots to the event.

How do Party Planners Sell?

Party Planners focus on experiential selling by setting up Boot Parties and allowing the Boot Fitters to do the heavy lifting with selling. You are the connector of people, and you get paid for what is sold at the Boot Party. Our Boot Party Fitting team will handle the fittings for you, allowing you to continue to focus on hosting the party, and planning more parties. Your focus is to get boots on people's feet by getting them to the party.