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Wet N ' Wild Part 2: Breaking in your boots with water

By Constanza Ulloa-Colina,
Wet N ' Wild Part 2: Breaking in your boots with water

If you're willing to risk the integrity of the leather of your boots for breaking them in, then this water trick will do the trick. 

At Alvies, we recommend that you avoid getting your boots wet at all costs. We want your boots to last you a lifetime, and Alvies boots will do just that if you take care of them correctly. We make Alvies boots with a fast break-in fit so you don't have to take shortcuts at breaking them in, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our boots because, that is our promise that if you care for them correctly, they can last your lifetime. 

If you have another pair of boots that aren't breaking in correctly, then good ol' H2O might be your key to getting the right fit. I know lifelong boot wearers that swear by soaking boots in water so they take form to their feet faster.

Here's the playbook that some of my more uncouth friends have passed on to me:

  1. Soak your boots in water: Let the water fill up the inside of your boot so that the insoles will start to take form of your foot. 
  2.  Slip the boots on your feet with the water inside: the water will splash out of the shaft, and feel nice and soggy on your feet.
  3. Wear the boots and let them air dry on your feet -  The next step may be a deal breaker - you need to wear your wet boots all day. I've always seen this done on a Summer day in Texas so you feet aren't cold, and a lot of the good ol' boys plan it around a day at the river, or lake. 

By the time your boots dry, your boots should come out softened up and molded to your foot shape. We recommend using this trick sparingly, and if you decide to give it a whirl, we have a series of care guides to help you get your boots back to looking good again. 

Bonus - water also will help you reshape your boots: a little H2O isn't just used for breaking in new boots, but also reshaping boots that no longer fit. If you've got some misshapen boots or unwanted creases cramping your style, wetting the leather and strutting around in 'em can help stretch and reshape those bad boys. Perfect for when you've got one foot feeling a little rebellious or need to accommodate any new special foot conditions.