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Mother's Day Gift Guide

By Constanza Ulloa-Colina,
Mother's Day Gift Guide - Alvies

Whether it’s your mom or the mother of your children, this special gal deserves something worthy of her independent nature, attention to detail, and timeless sense of style. She doesn’t want another scented candle. Or essential oils. Those gifts are like saying, “Hey ma, thanks for carrying me for 9.5 months and giving birth, etc., here’s something from Target...”

Avoid the cliché gifts and go with any of the following Alvies boots — a uniquely fitting gift for the gals who deserve the best.  

The Rainey
The Rainey is the perfect combo of classic and modern, stylish and comfortable. Your Mom will look awesome and feel awesome from day to night, scenery change to scenery change. Like every click of her heel is her own yellow brick road home to you, where she can hug your neck and tell you I love you.

 Bonus: The Rainey Artist Series: If she likes a little rainbow after the rain, check out The Artist Series Boots – colorful and unique Rainey’s, hand-painted by some of our favorite artists.  We have nine artist boots to choose from.


The Trinity
There is something prophetic about your Mom wearing comforting cowgirl boots. You know everything is going to be ok when she arrives. But it’s not about the destination, it’s about the manner in which she boots, scoots, and boogies to get there. You may learn something new about her when she gracefully glides into the room or on the dance floor in The Trinity.


The Guadalupe
The cowgirl boots that make your Mom feel like she’s galloping into the sunset in a sundress or lassoing her daydreams in jeans. Each color has its own impression and distressed uniqueness - the Guadalupe can answer all her cowboy boot prayers. 


The Stassney
These are the type of boots that make her feel like she could seduce a stray stallion into giving her a ride. Life can be sexy in the right pair of boots, and the Stassney will make her feel young again.  


The Rio Grande
A Mom’s best friend is a boot that can make any outfit feel stylish, even those high-water laundry day pants. Whether she is doing a wash or getting her car washed, these boots have just enough casual glam to make her feel VIP on the reg. 

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The Duval
Sleek. Swift. Itsy. Bits. She is in control of her party mode. She’s stable. Slick. A down-to-earth business chick. The Duval will make her feel like magic is whispering sweet nothings from its lips.