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By Alvie Faulkenbery,

It has been a while since we released a new boot for the gals. I am excited to announce the release of our newest color from the Rio Grande collection — Snowpocalypse. It is the very first Alvies white boot, alongside its sister boots in dark cherry (Cherry Cola) and black (Irish Wake).

We’re so pumped about the leather, color, as well as look, and feel of this boot, that I would venture to say that this won’t be our last time using white.


I will be the first to admit that the naming is a little weird for those unfamiliar. All of our boots are named after experiences that we have either been through, or we have been told about. On this particular boot, we decided to pay homage to a strange time that we had in Austin a few years back, by naming the color of the white leather, Snowpocalypse. Snowpocalypse was a window in time when every Texan’s whole world shut down overnight because of a winter storm. The great State of Texas was not prepared (kind of like any time it ices over and our schools shut down), and many people lost power and water for the entire week, and were forced to do any traveling by foot. But it was also a time where the ground was white for more than 3 hours, and it was a beautiful site to see. So the name stuck, and we leaned in with another funky color name to kick off the new white.

 The Craftmanship


We handmade the Rio Grande using our premium cowhide leather, and built-in all the features that make our boots feel better and last longer. That includes our Fast Break-In Fit for quick comfort, full leather toes, heel counters, a stacked leather heel for better comfort and reduced wearing, and a Goodyear welt so you can have your boots resoled over and over as the years go by. 


The Leathers

We used a beautiful cowhide leather and color that feels supple, and contrary to most white boots, ours don’t look or feel cheap (because they aren’t). 

Alvies Signature Features


The boot has all of our signature touches we offer here at Alvies —  5-A stitching, the blue heel stripe, and a fast break-in fit. The corded pattern and design of the Rio Grande boot especially make the leather pop. 

All-Season Style

 These special boots aren’t just for playing in the snow — you can wear them to your favorite swimming holes, dance floors, brunch spots, and anytime before and after Labor Day!

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Alvie Faulkenbery

About Alvie

Alvie is the founder of Alvies (makes sense, right?), a man obsessed with boots and flip-flops. He spent six years designing and selling them out of an Airstream. That time was like his vision quest, where he learned everything he could about traditional bootmaking and leatherworking in order to build the best boots and flip-flops on the planet. In addition to being our Presidente and chief product designer, he’s also our resident boot expert and dropper of knowledge on the blog.