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Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

By Alvies Guest Bloggers,
Father's Day Gift Guide 2023 - Alvies
Wrangling children isn’t easy, but Alvies makes a dad look good while doing it. For this Father’s Day, celebrate your herd and nurture your true nature. Be one with your role as the ranch hand of the fam.


The Lamar boot


Ain’t nothin’ like a dad in a pair of boots. The wind seems to blow in your favor when your feet are cradled by the soft hyde of a proper shoe. No baby’s cry can upset the stoicism granted from a sturdy pair of heels to the ground. If the old lady who lived in a shoe had lived in an Alvies boot, there would have been both bread and broth before bed. 



The Riverside Waterproof Nubuck Leather


 It’s hard to deny the power of a dad in flip-flops. He’s ready to go. Toes free as the breeze. Showing his true strength in vulnerability. Living in the absolute fearlessness of being his own weakest appendage’s sole source of protection. 

Dreams of Wurstfest Koozie


If you are your best self in a pair of Alvies, then your beer is its best self in our Koozie. Keep that drink just as calm, cool, and good-looking as you. And wrap it before you tap it - there’s a formula shortage out there. 

Townes Van Zandt Waterloo Records


Everything before boots was just a hobby. But as far as hobbies go, music has always been at home on our range. Check out our guitar picks and our Waterloo-Records curated-selection of Alvies-inspired tunes for your distinguished rockstar of the ABC’s. 

Grown Thangs flask

Seeing your kids’ imaginary friends sometimes only takes a flask. Just tell Jack and Jose they owe me some of my magic beans back. 

Austin Outhouse shirt

Being a dad is a messy job. And being messy always feels right in a t-shirt. There is nothing that can’t be done in a t-shirt. There are only things people tell you can’t be done in a T-shirt.

BFG sticker


Sometimes a sticker is all it takes to feel like a little kid again. Transport yourself back to a time when sticking something on a surface made it yours and made it better.

Trashcan punch bandana

Bandanas the dads of the accessories. No further questions at this time. 

And for the ultimate symbol of fatherhood, the illusion of control, send him a nice Alvies gift card.



Jennay Say Qua is a multimedia artist that moonlights as a deodorized Matthew McConaughey. Her substance of choice is the English language. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.