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Amigo Highlight: Cooper Janusevskis

By Constanza Ulloa-Colina,
Amigo Highlight: Cooper Janusevskis - Alvies

Our newest Amigo, Cooper Janusevskis, is the type of guy we love here at Alvies. He's an artist, creative director, photographer, and all-around cool dude. We've had the privilege of getting to know him through our last campaign. We fired a few questions at him so you can understand the ins and outs of this modern-day urban cowboy. Here it goes! 

How do you spend most of your time? What's the day in your life look for you?

Some of my hobbies include photography, art, and cycling. I am also the Creative Director at Hawker Family Sports & Entertainment which is a talent and sports agency working mostly with professional and collegiate athletes.

 What brings you the most joy? What makes you feel like your authentic self? 

The past few years have been wild for everyone, but what it has shown me is what really matters in my life. My family, my health, and my happiness.


How do you feel when you wear cowboy boots?
Confident. A good boot like my Manchaca elevates any outfit for any occasion which makes me feel more confident and comfortable at whatever comes next.

Cooper wears The Manchaca boot

What are the top 5 songs on your music rotation? 
My music rotation is hectic. If it gets my foot tapping, my body moving and my head bobbing, I'm listening to it. 
Where do you get your inspiration (for your art) from?
Inspiration for my art comes from many different places. Being able to understand and break down a certain mood or feeling usually comes first. I also get inspired by other artists, photographers, and my surroundings.


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