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A note from Billy F Gibbons about the BFG boots

By Alvie Faulkenbery,
A note from Billy F Gibbons about the BFG boots - Alvies

Just a couple weeks ago, we launched the new BFG boot that we co-designed with Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top. I had the privilege of working closely with Billy on the design of the boots, and I can honestly say he’s an original — there’s nobody else like him out there. I wanted to share a bit of his personality with everyone, so I asked him to write a little something about the BFG boots and what makes them special. Here it is from the man himself:

I’ve been showing the world what Texas is all about for more than 50 years now. I’m also a lifelong admirer of boots and of good design.

A while back, Alvie made the approach and suggested working together to make a brand-new kind of cowboy boot. A boot to make a statement whether you’re a rockstar, a hot rod lover, or a simple, everyday wearer of boots. A boot that took inspiration from a personal infatuation with cars, guitars and making music, and tied it with the passion for sharing Texas with the rest of the world.

Alvie offered up a detailed description of the company... a 'boot and flip-flop joint' out of Austin. The identity surrounded the exquisite quality of good-lookin’ handmade products — encompassing a worldwide Texas kind of thing. Bringing choice boots to folks new to the thought of enjoying fine Texas style footwear.

Together, we set about designing a boot that combines a classic style with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude. All the while making certain that comfort remained paramount.

The BFGs are the result. We’re pretty dang proud of them.


Alvie Faulkenbery

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