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Caring for Alvies Teju lizard boots

By Clay Sexton,
Caring for Alvies Teju lizard boots - Alvies

Also known as "alligator lizard," Teju leather classes you up without overdoing it. Alvies Teju lizard boots are made with the highest quality leather for a unique look that will last a lifetime — and then some — with a bit of regular maintenance. 

Teju leather can run pretty dry, like a Brit on a vermouth bender. So make sure you clean and condition them on the regular to avoid cracking:

Step 1: Clean 'Em

Start by removing dirt and dust with a soft brush or damp cotton cloth 

Step 2: Protect 'Em

While your Alvies are still damp, use a soft rag to apply a light coat of quality leather conditioner (we love Bickmore Exotic) all over the outside of your boot. Use light coats so you don’t clog the leather or cracks. 

Step 3: Polish 'Em

If you’ve got a hot date (or a parole hearing) that requires a shiny boot, polish with a matching color or neutral crème. Apply in circular motions until you see a shiny haze on the boot — do this until the entire boot has been coated. Let the polish dry, then brush off with a soft cloth.

Clay Sexton

About Clay

Clay is the Co-Founder and Director of Events at Alvies. He’s also the self-proclaimed Indiana Jones of cowboy boots. He slogged through the roughest jungles and ate from the gnarliest nasi goreng warungs (Indonesian fried rice carts) to find the best skins you can cover a foot in. He braved Mexico’s underground boot markets (that’s a thing) and least reputable bars to find a bootmaker who shared our vision. He has slanged boots from polo fields to crawfish boils. He acted as an unlicensed therapist to the overserved and a drunken drama de-escalator while selling boots from our Airstream in the soap opera of downtown Austin. Skilled at import brokering, Clay has gotten boots into this great country through sheer will and an unbridled enthusiasm for pestering bureaucrats.